I’ve been interested in technology since I can remember and like to spend my spare time learning new technologies. In 1986 when I was 7 I wrote my first line of code on a 48K ZX Spectrum. In the early nineties I had my first PC a 386.

I’ve been using the internet since 1996, the first browser I used was IE3, my development career started around then too writing my first web page in 1997.  1998 – 1999 I developed my first website using ASP and Perl back-ends with HTML and JavaScript front-ends.

I’ve used every version of Windows server and workstation since Windows NT/Windows 3.1. More recently I’ve been getting into Linux (Ubuntu) and open source frameworks.

www.dalsoft.co.uk has been my home since 2003 (blogging since 2007) to collaborate, share work and ideas.  This is now the fourth generation of my site.
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