Aug 30

Updated 03 Feb 2016

I’ve been using Git for almost a year now (Thanks to @robcthegeek for introducing Git to @JustGiving). Before using Git I preferred SVN I’ve also suffered The Fail Server (TFS). The zero friction workflow and performance achieved with Git made me realise the friction of centralized version control systems. This post is a step by step guide for anyone using Windows who wants to get up and running on Git.

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Nov 09

But I for one, think this is too little too late. Is this enough to make us migrate of off Subversion, NUnit or CruiseControl.NET?  No but it might be able to fill a very small gap left by open source tools.  But I will not be switching from any open source frameworks for Team Foundation Server 2010.  We needed this about 5 years ago, why the U-Turn Microsoft? Probably because of the lack of Team System take up? Come on who do you know that uses MSUnit or Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC)?


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