Jul 29

In April I did a comprehensive blog post about the Html.EditorFor() and Html.DisplayFor() helpers in MVC 2, and there use with templates. It turns out I missed quite a cool feature added in the MVC 2 RTM release in March.

Taken from the release notes:

ASP.NET MVC 2 now includes new overloads of the EditorFor and DisplayFor methods. These overloads contain a parameter that accepts an anonymous object that can be used to provide extra view data. The view data provided in this parameter is merged with any existing view data that is passed to the template.

This new overload is very handy for providing additional information to your template without any nasty hacks. In this post we are going to continue our Employee example from my MVC Templates and MVC Model Binders posts, we will change the code to make use of the new overload.

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Jul 16

Thanks to BraveNewCode for the cool plug-in WPtouch.

Currently the WPtouch plug-in supports the following devices: iPhone, iPod touch, Android, Palm Pre/Pixi, and BlackBerry Storm.

I would recommend this great plug-in to anyone using WordPress. Now there is no excuse not to support touch based smartphones on your blog.

Next task a better syntax highlighter WP plug-in. Any recommendations? You know what to do.


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