Nov 17

I recently downloaded ASP.NET MVC 2.0 Preview 2 and was surprised to see, that the NUnit test templates haven’t made it into the build. Again we are stuck with MSUnit being the only template available.


Fear not help is at hand Joe Cartano posted an excellent solution for MVC 1.0.  I have made a minor one line tweak (in NUnit.reg) to his solution, so that it works with MVC 2.0.  After reading some of the comments on the Visual Web Developer Team Blog, it was apparent that some people are having issues installing the templates, here is a very quick guide: Continue reading »

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Nov 13

Stumbled across a very strange “issue” with iGoogle. Very easy to reproduce:

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Nov 11

In VB.NET you have always been able to use optional parameters:

Sub Foo(ByVal p1 As String, Optional ByVal p2 As String = "default value")
End Sub

'Call to Foo with 1 of the 2 parameters is allowed
Foo("p1 value")

Now in C# 4.0 we get the same support:

void Foo(string p1, string p2 = "default value")

//Call to Foo with 1 of the 2 parameters is allowed
Foo("p1 value");

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Nov 09

But I for one, think this is too little too late. Is this enough to make us migrate of off Subversion, NUnit or CruiseControl.NET?  No but it might be able to fill a very small gap left by open source tools.  But I will not be switching from any open source frameworks for Team Foundation Server 2010.  We needed this about 5 years ago, why the U-Turn Microsoft? Probably because of the lack of Team System take up? Come on who do you know that uses MSUnit or Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC)?


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Nov 01

Quite often I would like to watch iPlayer, Sky player or youtube while I’m working.  Basically I would like to have a small window in the corner always on top.  I searched for a Firefox plug-in and found there wasn’t one.  I digged a little deeper and stumbled on this:

All you need to do is download and run the exe and press ctrl + space on any window (including Firefox windows) and that window will stick and always be on top of other windows.  This is great it means I can catch up on TV and work at the same time!

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