Oct 23

An update to my previous post, unfortunately you can’t do a mod like the Dell SC420 16X PCI-E graphics card mod.  Dell seem to have got wise to people buying up cheap servers and turning them into high-end desktops.  It looks like the 1X PCI-E slot is the only option. 8X PCI-E I could live with, but at 1x PCI-E speeds, I might as well stick to onboard graphics.
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Oct 18

Just brought a Dell server Poweredge T105 for £150 brand new via ebay.  I’m hoping to use as a cheap replacement desktop.  I’m hoping I can mod it to take a 16X PCI-E graphics cards like the older Dell SC Poweredge  servers.  I’ll keep you posted..

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Part 3
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Oct 14

Just sold my old desktop, she was a custom build that I built way back in 2003, I upgraded her along the way and still got £100 for it.  I always buy the best parts I can afford at the time and 5 years service for £800 is good value at £160 year.  It was getting near impossible to run games and use visual studio  2008 on it, so it was time to go.

Farewell my friend, you served me well.

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