Nov 09

But I for one, think this is too little too late. Is this enough to make us migrate of off Subversion, NUnit or CruiseControl.NET?  No but it might be able to fill a very small gap left by open source tools.  But I will not be switching from any open source frameworks for Team Foundation Server 2010.  We needed this about 5 years ago, why the U-Turn Microsoft? Probably because of the lack of Team System take up? Come on who do you know that uses MSUnit or Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC)?


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  1. Stimul8d says:

    No one uses TFVS because team system has always been too expensive. Maybe now they will,…lot’s of people are still stuck on VSS you know!

  2. DalSoft says:

    I agree, I think those that never (or couldn’t – square corporate policy) switched to open source to fix the gap, will switch to TFS 2010. But I can’t see a reason for those that now use Open source. Especially when TFS 2010 still isn’t what we call zero friction.

  3. ahmed says:

    You guys are speaking from your ignorant nether regions. I have used several different version control systems, including both commercial and open source ones. I can tell you without reservation that TFS is far superior to any of those, especially the open source ones, SubVersion included. TFS is the future. Get used to it.

    • DalSoft says:

      Not sure if my nether regions are ignorant 🙂 I’ve used TFS (forced to by square corporate IT policy) and it’s OK for those line of business developers that work in a corporate IT department.

      But TFS’s continuous integration isn’t frictionless for larger projects, where you are working with remote teams across the internet and using a range of platform’s (it’s near impossible to use TFS on a non Microsoft platform).

      All that aside that wasn’t the point to the post, I was merely saying that the TFS toolset would of got more traction with developers, if it wasn’t so expensive or had come free with Visual Studio. Paying a premium for MSUnit and SourceSafe when the open source tools were doing a better job, meant a lot of developers choose open source.

      Now TFS is free with Visual Studio, is it so much better that developers will come back? My opinion is NO they won’t, hey lets see if I’m right, an easy measurement is to look at jobs adverts on the market that the mention open source tools vs. TFS. If you have evidence that I’m wrong please post it here.


  4. I am with Dalsoft on this one

    My work is still stuck in VSS land – so this is _really_ exciting so everyone at work.

    Whether people should, could or have moved to open source, some companies business decisions are not made by developers.

    • DalSoft says:

      Exactly! Your not alone, the decisions are usually made by people who start a meeting with – “I’m not technical”. However, we (developers) are in a better position now as TFS is now free with VS 2010 and more companies are using open source tools.

      In my country (UK) if I do a job search I now get lots of hits for NUnit, NHibernate etc experience which is encouraging.

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