Dec 14

I am really sorry to my forum members, but I have had to lock our forum. Managing the spam has become a full Job and I just don’t have the time.

phpbb is a good tool, but fighting the spam and keeping it all up and running is a full time job.  Even a little bit of spam is making me feel bad that with my experience, I can’t permanently win the battle against the spammers.

I’m looking at what I can do to combat spam and streamline the server admin tasks and will provide a update  soon.

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Sep 06

Forums now open, get support, ask for new features and discuss Apollo.

The forums are powered by phpbb.

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Aug 04

What have I been doing on Apollo for the last 3 months. Building Apollo r2! r2 as promised removes the 60 day beta trial and the license tab. The license tab has been replaced by a Donate tab – all donations gratefully received and will allow me to spend more of my time on Apollo development. r2 has fixed the bugs with streaming over the internet not working under certain conditions. There are no new features yet wait for r3…

What do I need to do to upgrade? Nothing really open Apollo as usual and click on the OK button when it asks you to Update. Please upgrade asap as this makes support easier and allows me to release new versions faster.

New users download r2

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May 21

I’ve had a number of emails and posts on forums asking about the license tab and whether you will have to pay for Apollo. Apollo will be FREE for the foreseeable future – unless someone makes me a offer I can’t refuse 🙂

The reason for the 60 day trial was in case there was a major security or other issue with the beta, the beta would expire forcing you to stop using it.

I’m happy to say that with over a 1000 downloads there has not been such a issue. The very next update will remove the 60 day trial and the license tab.

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Apr 14

I have changed the homepage layout based on your feedback. Please keep your comments and feedback coming.

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