Nov 17

I recently downloaded ASP.NET MVC 2.0 Preview 2 and was surprised to see, that the NUnit test templates haven’t made it into the build. Again we are stuck with MSUnit being the only template available.


Fear not help is at hand Joe Cartano posted an excellent solution for MVC 1.0.  I have made a minor one line tweak (in NUnit.reg) to his solution, so that it works with MVC 2.0.  After reading some of the comments on the Visual Web Developer Team Blog, it was apparent that some people are having issues installing the templates, here is a very quick guide: Continue reading »

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Sep 12

I am currently converting a lot of  legacy ASP.NET Web Sites over to ASP.NET Web Application Projects.  The reason for doing this is so I can make my NUnit Test project reference my Web Application Project.  There are various discussions about ASP.NET: Web Site vs. Web Application, but for me it was solely for testability purposes.

In Visual Studio 2008, the process to convert a Web site over to a Web Application project is relatively painless: Continue reading »

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