Sep 30

Recently I tweeted about the Azure App Service Team announcement that you can now officially run MySQL in-app, that means running MySQL using the same resources as your web app instance. I see this as a game changer as we move to microservices a natural paradigm shift is also to move away from monolithic databases too. I’ll follow up more on this in future posts, but right now this post is about migrating your existing WordPress blob to Azure.

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Apr 06

Just used MySQL Workbench Beta 5.2 for the first-time. Why? Extra backups for the server upgrade, better safe than sorry.

MySQL Workbench is now much more than just data modeling – modeling, Querying and server admin are now done in one place. MySQL Workbench replaces MySQL Administrator and MySQL Query Browser.

Other improvements I liked: easy to use with a better UI, you can use SSH and your passwords are now stored in a secured vault.

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